A body of work

Sometimes you find that doing something consistently has turned into more than your original intention. Last year I decided to make a single blanket based on daily temperatures. The exercise resulted not only in that one but also 14 others too, each of which tell a story. I’m making another large one this year too,…

Last four days

Doing something every day is very calming – even if you sometimes just have to rely on scraps to hand. #nuvofeltninepatch


Are you joining in? The objective is to make 365 somethings in the year. It doesn’t have to be one a day. Here are some of mine so far. Please link to any of yours in the comments.

A square a day

This is a representation of the Temperatures of 2017 in colour. Each maximum and minimum temperature – as experienced by me, not as forecast – was recorded and a linking colour representing each season used to join.

Another 4

Just to prove they don’t have to be complicated 

Daily creativity

Are you still keeping up with your daily ‘doings’? Do you still do SOMETHING CREATIVE every day? If not – why not? Don’t have time? I honestly don’t believe you. You DO have time – you just need to find it. All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day. Do it while you drink your…