Feeling yuk!

This post is later than I planned as we are a poorly household. Let’s just say that temperatures are rising, even though it’s still chilly outside. As a result the following is not in sequence, but will hopefully still make sense.

This week I began with the right hand page. Using a flat paint brush loaded with water I drew it across the page three times (A larger page would have had more lines 😉)

I flooded each of these with one colour then left it to ‘dry off’ a little.

Before it was completely dry the opposite page was closed over it to produce a sort of mirror image.

Once completely dry the sequence was repeated with another colour and so on until the page was full.

For the time being it’s finished with a few marks made with a gold pen.

I had intended to look for shapes and create creatures or flowers with them, but instead I went back to bed!

Closing the page too early at one point created the interesting splashes. In theory these pages only had lines of wet colour.

Give it a go and let me know what you find …


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