I don’t have the time……

How often have I heard the cry ‘I don’t have time……’

Nor do I!

Creating a life’s work needs time and space. Sometimes the space needed is small, but often it needs to be large and not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated area.

Finding time is difficult under certain circumstances, too, but it is there … if you look for it and are determined.

Most of what you see here is NOT my life’s work. It is part of my warming up process. It’s the time I allow myself to make mistakes and enjoy a variety of media. My time is very short, and has been even shorter over the last couple of years. Below is a list of ways I make the extra time- I suggest you make your own list to suit your own time schedule.

  • Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than needed
  • Use the time it takes for the kettle to boil – you’ll be surprised at how much time this gives you during the day!
  • Awake in the night? Get up and do something…. you can always go back to bed (and I usually sleep more soundly after I’ve done just a little)
  • Keep a small bag or box handy to pick up when you have only moments to spare. Make sure it contains at least pen, pencil, paper (maybe a sketchbook) and some easy form of colouring. Water-soluble coloured pencils are always useful – and a small bottle of baby oil and a cotton bud can create an unexpected effect. If you want to make some stitches – add a needle and white thread. White thread will always pick up colour from the wet media.

.Don’t be afraid to give yourself just a few minutes a day. It isn’t just ‘play’. It gets the creative juices flowing!