A Busy Tuesday


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I have to admit that Tuesdays are always busy. This is the day that a post will be late – unless I am very well organised. It will probably also be a day without much stitching. Why? It’s Grandson Day.

Tuesday morning is a panic and today was no exception. I struggle to get all the orders done before I have to leave, and today there was another post to write, so I’m afraid this one had to wait until this evening. If you haven’t seen it I posted about some special offers here. Some of them are going fast, so take a look if you need anything. I will also be adding other things in the near and not so near future, I can’t get all the new stock in if some of the old doesn’t go quickly.

I refused to give up on my creative time, though. Once again I turned to collage – and here are the results. Notice – I said resultS! Yes, more than one, and the whole session was only 15 mins while the breakfast coffee brewed.


This first one really does use the last of the painted fashion pages. I suppose they make a little mini series, would you agree?


This second one is from a collection of papers I made some time ago. It went together very quickly, no need to stop and pause – they just ‘spoke’ to me. Then the business of the day started and ended just about half an hour ago. It included parcelling orders, visiting the post office, meeting grandson from school and entertaining/feeding him (that really means enjoying myself) until Mum came home.

I really do want to encourage you to put a few moments aside each day to do SOMETHING. I seriously mean ‘A FEW MOMENTS’. The important thing is to do something – and to do it regularly. Decide to do it at least once a day. YOU CAN DO IT. If you are honest there are just a few moments that you can decide to use for yourself. I fit my everyday creativity into just a short time – this happened because I was getting further and further away from doing anything that was practical. As a result of teaching workshops I had a stack of painted and dyed papers. Although I love stitching into paper much of it was really not suited to that so I hit upon the idea of using it in collage. Not earth shatteringly original I confess, but at that point it was something I hadn’t done for a very long time. I stuck a few tentative pieces onto a piece of card and that was that. Playing with colour releases creativity – suddenly the desire to do something more meaningful manifests. It’s important to do something regularly – it can be anything as I’ve said before. Tomorrow I’ll show you my quick drawing. Don’t expect Leonardo Da Vinci! I can assure you that it doesn’t reach that standard by a long shot, but it’s another good way to get the creative juices flowing.

Don’t forget to let me know if you visit – especially if you find what you read helpful or interesting. I have a new sewing machine sitting in a box and I am aching to put it onto the table. The problem is – I need to rearrange my working space so that I can move the table into better light. That’s another reason for getting rid of some of the stock. The plans I have for that machine are really exciting! I won’t be moving the table tomorrow, though, as I have to go for physio – and after that I won’t be lifting anything……..

There are lots of things that will start to get the creative juices going.


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  1. brenda says:

    I find this very encouraging, & has given me thought to be more creative (hopefully) with your help, I seem to be at a standstill for some months now,
    best wishes

    1. nuvofelt says:

      That’s great, Brenda. Here’s to much creativity.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the prompts on Be Creative, Myfanwy and have paid my subscription this evening to join your always enthusiastic and enjoyable creative leadership in the form of this blog. Thank you for the wonderful few months I’ve enjoyed so far and here is to 2015. With grateful best wishes. Hazel

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Thank you Hazel. You should have had an email from both me and WordPress by now. Let me know if you have a problem. Very pleased to have you on the roller-coaster that is Creativity! We never know where it will lead – and life without it is very dull 🙂

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