Join me on my Creative Journey

042aLife without creativity is very dull. Creativity takes many forms and we don’t all do our best work every day, but the important thing is to keep on going!

I’ve been keeping a select band of followers abreast of what I’ve done on a private blog. It was intended to just be for a year, but the decision has been made to continue for 2015.

Why not join me?

The cost for a subscription is only £10.00 for the whole year – that’s less than 28p a day!

This charge is only to cover the costs of providing a private place. You can join me via this link to pay directly through PayPal

Once you have access you can catch up on 2014 too. (The Paypal page may say 2014 but it means 2015 and you won’t miss out) Here’s to another great creative year.

Join at any time – all posts will be available no matter when you join. There are also  a couple of little tutorials too, with more to come.

What might I include? Journals, collage, sewing, embroidery, dyeing, stitching…. and more. My work involves many different aspects, you might think you know me, but you could be in for a surprise… If you have any questions please ask them on the form below. Click here for a sample post.


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  1. maureenc says:

    Does creating something every day mean COMPLETING something everyday? For me, “CSED” could be just a willow tree stitched on to the current project of crazy quilting.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Absolutely not! It might mean completing a collaged postcard in 15 mins, but just doing something each day is the important thing. If you can progress with a piece in small doses that’s great. Sometimes you have to stop and stand back just to know where to go next.

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