How to join us

We have a flourishing and busy group on Facebook. The group is friendly and supportive, and this is the best way to join in with the prompts. You will have lots of support and encouragement, however, I appreciate that not everyone ‘likes’ Facebook! Don’t worry, you can still join in – details are below.

The Facebook group has few rules, but they are important and we ensure that they are followed. If you are planning on joining you must ensure that your details are visible – if you have a private page we have no way of knowing if you are really a spammer. We try very hard to keep a safe site. If you only want to spam please don’t bother to request membership. You will soon be ‘found out’ and removed. It is also important to note that if your intention to join is based on the desire to advertise or attract students or buyers these activities are not allowed, and you too will be removed. Please don’t try to spoil the atmosphere of creativity

If you don’t want to join via Facebook there is still a way that you can do so. Please complete the form below remembering to include the following information.

1. Did someone tell you about the group? Let us know their name. This is not a requiremen of joining and no-one benefits, but it is good to know if someone has enthused about the group.

2. Give us a little resume of your creative self. You don’t have to have qualifications or a vast portfolio – in fact, if you have these you don’t need Be Creative! Just give us a brief idea of what you do – every craft is welcome

3. Please tell me your name. The comment form is not visible by anyone else so you aren’t broadcasting your name to the world. If you want to remain anonymous you can do so by using a pseudonym. Please state both your name and the proposed pseudonym in the comment form. You can add a name later, but only if the two are linked before you have full details.

4 You can join at any time, ‘events’ take place every few weeks.


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