Copyright Issues

Originally posted on Crochet Along With Me

The internet is vast. It’s amazing to imagine that what I’ve written on my blog will be seen thousands of miles away only seconds after it is published. Putting a word into a search engine will result in many responses within seconds – ‘crochet free blanket patterns‘ produces almost 6 million results via Bing – and no doubt other search engines will have similar results.

There are many designers out there who offer free designs and I was shocked to read that one in particular has had many copyright problems with her instructions being sold for profit – and using her original photographs as advertising and instructions. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Free pattern to be found a

The above photo is from Tillie’s site – and the link alongside will take you there.

Please keep your eyes open – I know that this happens all over the internet – and not just for crochet. In a former creative life I was in a similar situation, and I know how very difficult it is to resolve. Feel free to reblog this post – or write your own.


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  1. janblight says:

    Apparently, you should put your name across any picture of work placed on the net. I have just used Paint Studio to do this. sad that people are so dishonest.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Yes, you are right Jan. But it takes time…. ☺️

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Thanks for dropping in, Judy. We all need to be aware.

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