Doesn’t time fly….

….. when you are having fun. And I have to say that anything creative is fun!

Remember this?



It’s my record of creativity!

This particular book goes back to 2012 (although my habit of daily creativity goes back further than that). Today another milestone passed. Another 100 days!

Some of the creativity has gone out of the door – commissions etc – some has gone in the post. Some is contained in hand made books to catalogue the progress of ideas or themes, and some is ‘filed’ in my collection of ‘Collective Hotchpotch’ journals.


This is my current one – almost full of words, notes, paper, fabric and yarns. It contains colour combinations that appeal to me, but were ‘discovered’ by accident, and some that were discovered by design too. Dye recipes, even thoughts about new food recipes that have been tried – even if they weren’t very successful.

The next 100 days will be more of the same – only everything will be different. Would you like to join me? You don’t need to commit to doing anything specific – no need to do a course that will teach you how to be creative – just DO SOMETHING – and yes, colouring in and playing with colour DOES qualify! WHO KNOWS WHERE IT MIGHT LEAD?

I’ll be continuing to post my progress here, although the posts may be a little less frequent this month as I’m hoping to be away from home from time to time.



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