Going for gold 

If you want to try natural dyeing, now is the time to do so. Grab a jam jar, some fabric and some flowers. Wrap the fabric and plant matter into bundles and stuff into the jar.


Sometimes it works with only the addition of hot water, but you can also add teabags (for tannin) etc too. Screw on the lid (use gloves – it will be HOT!) and leave it alone for at least a month.

Solidago produces this lovely soft gold. Be aware that some plants are poisonous, and these should be avoided.


Simple and fun – and just an easy introduction to an exciting adventure in natural colour which can sometimes be quite complex.

Not all plants will give you luscious colour – but you should at least get a few interesting marks. If nothing else you  could always try the ubiquitous onion skins……….!



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