I should obviously write about knitting more often (the emphasis is on the ‘write’, by the way) as yesterday’s post provoked more comments than usual! Thanks for visiting, folks, it will appear again, but not as you know it – and not for some time.

Here is a little bit of work in progress. It looks rather as though a spider has been making it – but it is actually all my own work 😅


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  1. Grace Lister says:

    Your post yesterday reminded me very strongly of myself, Myfanwy. Like you I have never enjoyed knitting and always found it tiring and now realise that all the time I was doing it I was tensed up waiting for something to go wrong. The same thing with beading. I have all the patience in the world for embroidery as such but beading makes me go quite “dolally”. A few beads on embroidery perhaps but that is all. A good job we aren’t all the same isn’t it? Grace.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Isn’t it just, Grace. We have some really talented knitters in the group – some of whom hide their light under a bushel! I’m definitely not one of them, lol.

  2. Now this is exactly what I meant … knitting and crochet out of its box please.
    Some rather beautiful threads (!) are waiting to be used this way 😀
    I may even put some beads on …

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