Daily creativity is a habit that has been instilled for a number of years. The evidence is in the  sketchbooks, journals and other bits and pieces that are collected around the studio and more! Much of it has now gone – sold and abiding in someone else’s home etc, but the design evidence is still here.

I no longer  count by the year, though. It’s too tedious and I’m likely to get lost! I count by 100 days, and I realise that I haven’t actually documented that one is completed since this post. Two full milestones have been passed since then on February 16th and May 28th. They are documented here, though:


Where would I be without my not so little yellow book? The secrets contained therein are manifold and thankfully the colour means that it is difficult to lose! My 15 minutes for today are complete, and documented in the above. The current 100 days is scheduled to finish on September 6th! That means that I am just about half way there.

It’s worth keeping records! I’ll share more with you another day.


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  1. I agree about keeping records … I find it so very useful to look back and see where I have come from. At first a very insecure and un-confident place to a daily creativitist without even blinking an eye now … it has become a routine :D.
    May even start to take myself serious soon ;).

  2. nuvofelt says:

    It’s amazing how it just becomes a habit, isn’t it. Let me know when you start to take yourself seriously and then you can let me know how to do it 😅

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