A quick catch up

The weekend has been frustrating as I have had no internet connection…… again! It is being investigated now that I have had time to properly report it, so I’m sure we will be running at full strength before long. It has been difficult to respond to emails etc, though, so if I’ve missed one from you please resend – it may be floating around in some unknown cache.

I thought I would just quickly catch you up with this post. Did you give it a go? (I know several of you showed pictures in the group, thank you). You may remember that it involved a rather messy paint palette.

First draw your pattern



Next, add colour, but only from the bottom of the palette where the colours have intermingled.


As expected – there is a brown! However, it isn’t mud! It’s a fun exercise, and worth repeating from time to time – the colours do vary, and here is the palette after a few more painting days.


You can see that it looks quite different from the picture shown at the above link. The best thing, of course, is that the paints I’ve used can also be used with fabric….. so endless possibilities.

I’m hoping to share something special with you tomorrow – it depends on time and the internet…… so let’s hope it’s all running smoothly and easily.


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