Be Creative – March – Prompt for Week starting 15th March – 2

If you need to refer to part 1 you will find it here.

Once you have marked your sections as above you can add some colour.

1 Fabric Crayons

Choose three colours and scribble some circles in each section, making sure that you don’t cover the whole area. There is a very sketchy picture below – before pressing to fix, but it shows the sort of marks you might like to make.


The above are marks for just one section.

Heat set if required*

Felt tip pens

While these are not really meant for fabric use – they will do for a sample. Follow the instructions above – making sure that there is blank space. A quick spritz with water might make an interesting watercolour effect – but make sure that you have left the space already mentioned

*Don’t forget that some crayons and paints need to be left for a while before heat setting. Some need just 24 hours – others, like Markal or Shiva, require 48 at least…… If your crayons disappear after heating – they probably weren’t left for long enough

More details to follow

PS, apologies, the scheduling went adrift here – just realised….. so the next instructions will appear later this evening.


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