Be Creative – Prompt for week starting 8th March (1)

Another week of stitching.

Did you enjoy your stitching last week? Don’t forget to remove the tacking stitches before you consider it ‘finished’! Please link back to the last post with the results of your previous stitching.

This week we will work in a similar format (6 sections) but will utilise the space differently. Please combine the instructions from last week with those of today*. Another post will follow later with details of stitching.

*Before marking out your fabric find a suitable circular item to use as a guide. A clean jar lid or similar would be ideal. This shape will be marked in the centre of each of the spaces.

Click on the picture for a better view but please read what follows too.

This sketch is exactly that – a sketch. The outer solid line represents the tacking line shown in last week’s instructions. Your circles will be much better represented too…….

Stitching instructions will follow at some point.



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