Be Creative – March – Prompt 1

Not everyone stitches, but, by popular demand, March is a month of putting needle into fabric! There won’t be a prompt each day – but probably enough to keep you stitching for 15 minutes a day.

Spend today sorting out a few materials. You will need:

  • Background fabric – cotton or felt
  • Tacking thread
  • Embroidery (or chenille) needles
  • Embroidery threads
  • Scissors
  • A frame if you prefer to use one

Make sure that the tacking thread will be easily visible against the background fabric. Other colour choices are up to you.

The stitching will be simple and not threatening.

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  1. Reblogged this on Keepsmeoutofmischief and commented:
    I’ve taken part in various Be Creative weekends but recently I haven’t had the time to join in. New babies tend to monopolise your time like that! A lot of the recent prompts have been drawing based and not really my thing, but the prompts for March appeal more as they’re sewing based. Now that baby T is getting a bit bigger and beginning to have a regular afternoon nap I might actually get a chance to be creative. Needles and thread at the ready!

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