Be Creative – February – Prompt 18

Today’s prompt is two in one. Try and do both halves – if you really can’t – do twice the time of just one.

Your ‘models’ today are your subject from last week and your chosen textile.

Work in a sketchbook, journal or on paper – but make the size equivalent to a double spread.

The object today is to be loose and rapid! Set a timer if you only have 15 minutes – 7.5 minutes for each ecercise.

1 – draw a series of quick loose pencil sketches of last week’s subject. Each mark made image must take NO MORE than 30 seconds! Do this for a minimum of 7.5 minutes then move on to the next exercise

2 – use your textile as your model and repeat the above exercise on the same two pages as exercise 1. This time use a BLUE BALLPOINT PEN. Don’t forget – 30 seconds per (part) pattern – and for a minimum of 7.5 minutes.

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