Be Creative – February – Prompt 16

Another day of studying the patterns in your textile. Repeat yesterday’s exercise, but this time divide your page into 4 horizontal strips. Once again fill each strip with part of your textile design.

This may seem a pointless exercise – but it is developing your observational skills, and marks from patterns like these can often be developed into stitching patterns, or painted lines that can enhance works of art.

We are now over half way through this month of mark making! It’s just speeding by. Don’t forget to link back to this blog if you use this or any other prompt and write about it on your blog. I am often amazed that there are so few links – but a lot of followers……..

………. if you are just reading – today is the day to pick up that pencil!

If you are missing my 15 minutes a day you can catch all or part of it here


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