Be Creative – February – Prompt 10

More mark making today!

Grab your ‘subject’ for the last time! Use a clean page or piece or paper and work through these exercises. Work quickly, and remember that these marks are only for YOUR benefit – ignore that inner critic!!!

1 Quickly follow the outline of the subject using your non-dominant hand – don’t look at t he paper – just go for it in a continuous line. Just make one representation

2 Now do the same again – this time with your dominant hand – but still not looking at the paper – and keep the line continuous as before.

3 Use whichever hand you like – your choice – make a final representation – but this time you are allowed to both look at the subject and at the page. If possible do it with a continuous line – but no slapped wrists if this isn’t possible.

These exercises are worth repeating. We will revisit them tomorrow – but there will be a twist!


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  1. Are all these steps today on the same piece of paper, Myfanwy ?

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