Be Creative – February – Prompt 9

So, how did you get on yesterday? Here’s another little exercise in making marks. Is your ‘subject’ handy? What did you choose? Why not let us know by leaving a comment on the blog – it may be a useful suggestion for someone who has yet to start the prompts.

So ….. place your item in roughly the same position as yesterday. Today you are going to repeat the same exercise, but this time use your NON-DOMINANT hand!

Don’t forget – no looking at the paper, just make those marks with confidence and enjoy ……….

Come back tomorrow for some more….. and if you have time scan, copy and print your results from yesterday and today – we will use them later in the week.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. maureenc says:

    Not ready to share my marks yet 😦

    1. nuvofelt says:

      That’s fine, Maureen, just keep marking.

      If you can – put your inner critic to bed before you do it. You can take it from me that ‘he’ doesn’t know what ‘he’s’ talking about 😉

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