Blog award

I normally ignore these awards, but today I’m accepting the one given here so that I can pass it on to some followers who, although they may not blog about them, have either used the prompts in some of their creativity or have inspired me. First, however, I’ll post seven things about my creative life which you may not know.

1   I always get up early enough to do 15 minutes a day of creativity first thing in the morning. That way I don’t forget or make excuses.

2 I work better in silence. I don’t listen to music or the radio. It’s just me and my thoughts.

3 I love colour, but don’t have a favourite. I can start with any colour and just work with it.

4 Dyeing can be controlled or random. It is one of my favourite ways of learning about colour

5 I keep several journals – and use them as a constant source of inspiration.

6 Sharing knowlege is another passion. I love to teach and watch others grow in their creativity

7 The best bit of advice I was ever given was to draw something every day. However, the same person also told me to never call it drawing! There is something very restrictive about commiting to draw, all inhibitions come to the fore and it becomes physically impossible! My ‘drawings’ are for my own benefit – the marks I make mean something to me and it doesn’t matter now how anyone else regards them. Today’s quick drawing is below – several quick sketches of a mug drawn without looking at the paper or lifting the pencil for each image. These marks will be further developed at a later date. Those who subscribe to the Creative Diary will see the result.

Drawing today

Now on to the Nominees. There are five – but I am not passing on the pressure to nominate others, I’m also stating that I probably won’t be accepting any other awards.

Heather Ramsden
Creating Textiles
Cath Sheard

Please take a look and encourage them. You may also like to know that there are journal prompts posted here on most days – it’s another way of fuelling your creativity.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Broad says:

    Thank you so much for the Award Myfanwy, it was a lovely surprise and a big boost. That will keep me going for quite some time. I have found the prompts very useful, particularly the colour prompts (Julie from Creating Textiles).

  2. I like that Myfanwy to not call it ‘drawing’ that helps a great deal

    1. nuvofelt says:

      It’s just another way of looking at it, isn’t it. Certainly helped me.

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