Colour Prompt 14

Today’s colour prompt brings us to the end of prompts for January. (Colour prompts will continue each Saturday throughout the year). If you have found the prompts useful and/or inspirational please leave a comment below or under yesterday’s post. If there is enough interest prompts will continue throughout February but in a different format. There is also more information on yesterday’s post.

14 January 31

Please link back to this post if you use these colours in your work and write about it on your blog.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bossymamma says:

    I am definitely interested in continuing.

  2. Linda Harriott says:

    First thought on seeing this colour prompt was a saying my mam used to use, Blue and green should never be seen , without a colour in between.
    Personally I love navy and green togetther

    1. z4zed says:

      Oh my! A favorite and local football team is playing in the Super Bowl (American football), the Seattle Seahawks. Yesterday, as everyone at work was sporting blue and green team colors, I thought back to this saying from the late 1960s and 1970s and a home economics/fashion speech we were given about blue and green. Also, one’s belt, shoes and purse always had to match leather color! Please continue color prompts. I find myself doing some mental gymnastics regarding them when I am driving and unable to be traditionally creative.

  3. Jo Moxham says:

    I really enjoy the colour prompts. They often make me challenge my usual choices.

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