Be Creative – Photo Inspiration – January 30th

This is the last in the series of photo inspiration. Tomorrow, Saturday, will reveal the next colour challenge. If you would like prompts of some description (they won’t be photographic prompts) to continue during February please leave a comment below – or on tomorrow’s colour prompt. Many people read this blog – but there is no point in continuing with prompts if they aren’t required.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Harriott says:

    I always look and have found the colour prompts useful. I tend to look and think oh I could…. and then go off and do something. The photo prompts are thought provoking and that is how I use them, to spark something off.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Thanks, Linda, glad you have found them useful.

  2. The photo prompts have been really interesting. More often than not they spark ideas off, not just for stitch or painting but poetry also. The colour prompts have been, for me really difficult to stick to three colours so I have added others as suggested. Interesting to see how they have been displayed though. February will be a better month for prompts for me, as I have been really busy preparing for Valentines Day and Mothers Day ahead. Thank you for these.

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