Be Creative – November – Prompt 14

Once again this prompt is in two stages – the second part will follow very soon.

Part 1

Take the folded unpainted strip with no circles.

Use 4 small pieces of fabric cut roughly to ‘page’ size – adhere them all to one side using Bondaweb/Wundaweb following the instructions.( You could also use something like 606 spray if you have it – remember the well ventilated area – or tiny dabs of glue in the corners if all else is impossible. Beware, though, adhesives will often show through leaving unsightly marks.)

When cool/dry/ready

Use a suitable needle and thread to follow the line of holes with a rough running stitch. Stitch through the holes from the back and pull the thread gently or the paper will tear.

The circles are invisible – don’t try to recreate them, but you can refer to the ‘pattern’ if you wish. Either stitch in a continuous line – or use shorter lengths and allow loose ends to hang.

Don’t forget to link if you blog about this – and come back very soon for Part 2



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