Be Creative – November – Prompt 3a

Look at your earlier notes about circles. At least one of them probably refers to some sort of grouping. Choose one and, using one of your zigzagged strips, interpret the circles WITHIN THIS GROUPING in the following ways.

1 Draw the grouping without taking your eyes off the original source (First ‘page’)

2 Draw the grouping again, on the second ‘page’, but without taking your eyes off the grouping. (Second Page)

3 Turn the page upside down and redraw the same grouping. Draw this one on the same page as the last so that all the lines overlap. Still keep your eyes only on the grouping – the result will be unexpected and a mess. Don’t worry – everyone’s will look odd! (Still the second page)

4 On the next page draw the grouping yet again. This time you can look both at the grouping and at the page. (Third page)

5 One page left! Now take a risk! Close your eyes and draw the grouping onto the Fourth Page keeping your eyes closed all the time!

6 Relax and look at what you have produced.

Make sure you have only used ONE of your folded strips.

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