Quick stitching


One of my favourite threads – Polyneon by Madeira. Yes, we do sell it 😉


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  1. z4zed says:

    It certainly is fun looking. I have a spool from Madeira in a collection I have yet to tap. I just haven’t had a project to use it in yet. What do you recommend in the bobbin?

    1. nuvofelt says:

      The rule of thumb is simple.

      If it will be seen from the reverse – use the same thread.

      If the reverse will be hidden use either a toning thread of the same weight – or one that is finer.

      Does that help? Generally speaking I either use a black or white finer thread – the reverse of this stitching will also be hidden 🙂

    2. nuvofelt says:

      Use a new needle too, of course….

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