Be Creative – September – Prompt 13

How did you get on with yesterday’s exercise? Did you decide it was a waste of time? The marks you made will be of use later this month, so too will those you make today!

Tape together two pencils (use masking tape)

Repeat the exercises you did yesterday while the areas yo chose are still fresh on your memory. Do not try to duplicate the original or second drawings, interpret them as seems best with your new ‘tool’.


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  1. Linda Harriott says:

    Don’t suppose there is a “wrong” way to do this but I think I may have. I enlarged the same section from the original in all 3 sizes yesterday. Was I meant to do different areas?? I probably wont do it again anyway but I do like to know whether I am interpreting things the right way.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      It was intended to be the same area, Linda, but if you had chosen more than one it wouldn’t have been the end of the world! It’s all leading somewhere – it probably seems slow as the prompts are spaced 24 hours apart.

      Great that you are joining in.

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