Be Creative – September – Prompt 6

Remember Prompt 1? Time to take it further!

Firstly, find the paper on which you drew 3 circles (see yesterday’s prompt)

Cut out these circles. If they are not perfect that is absolutely fine.

Place this paper OVER your coffee print! You should see snippets of your pattern through the holes.

Using a PENCIL make small marks around the circle (on the otherwise clean sheet) to indicate where the pattern meets it.

Remove this to another surface and put your coffee print back in a safe place.

You should now have a sheet of paper with three holes – and a few small pencil marks.

Now we are going to paint some lines. Use the same liquid as previously – coffee, wine, mustard, etc

Paint a network of lines using the pencil marks as starting points. Join the three circles and also take the lines up to the edge of your sheet. Straight? Curved? Your choice.

Leave to dry. We will return to it another day.


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