Be Creative – September – Prompt 4

Time to find some fabric and threads etc.
In the not too distant future you will need:
Backing fabric no bigger than A4 (Approx 8 x 12 inches),
3 or 4 x toning fabrics each approx 5 x 10 cm (2 x 4 inches) including a contranst (the colour that is on the opposite side of the colour wheel – it you don’t understand this leave a note in the comments or in the Facebook group)
You will also need some suitable embroidery threads (and needle, of course)
4 KEBAB sticks, and maybe a few beads.

All will become clearer when the next prompt in this series is published.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. aimingtobegreen says:

    What do you mean by kebab stick? As in food? or is there a special embroidery term that I don’t know……

    1. nuvofelt says:

      As in food, Claire. Not cocktail sticks, they need to be longer

      1. aimingtobegreen says:

        metal or bamboo? (sorry for all the questions!)

      2. nuvofelt says:

        Totally your choice. Don’t fret – just go with the flow. Everyone will be wondering ‘What on earth now……..?’ 🙂

        I’m sure that some will find something else when the final prompt is up – but it works fine with the kebab sticks.

  2. I’ve been, seen and gone to find 🙂

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