Be Creative – September – Prompt 1

Welcome to September ‘Be Creative’ Month.

The first prompt! Grab a piece of A4 paper or your journal and make yourself a drink in a cup or mug – tea, coffee, something appropriate for your time of day. Make sure it has some colour in it – if you only drink water…… keep reading.

‘Accidently’ spill some of the liquid into a saucer. Stand your cup in this, then use the base to make random prints over your page.

What else could you use? Wine … dilute food colouring … dilute squash … fruit juice … tomato ketchup… mustard………

Leave your page on one side while you go about your business until the next prompt. There will be another prompt tomorrow, but it may not be a continuation of this one – you may have to wait for that!

If you want to take this a little ‘further’ at this stage – prepare more than one page/use a different cup/mug etc on the same piece of paper. You can also photocopy the page/s so that you have a supply ready if you really enjoy what we are ultimately going to do with them!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Moxham says:

    Looking forward to doing this.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Glad you are joining in, Jo

  2. Katiejane says:

    Tea made – and wine for later too!!

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Sounds perfect 😉

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