Be Creative – June – Prompt 2

Swaps are very popular and have become an integral part of the Be Creative Weekends. They have cemented friendships and built confidence. The same will happen this month. No obligation to take part – but there is something for you too – just keep reading.

Postcard Swap. You will need to be in the Postcard Group to take part. If you have joined in before you will  already be in the group so don’t need to let me know. However, if you are new and would  like to be included in this round leave me a message via the contact form below and I will invite you to the group. You will need to be a member of the main group first – Please read the rules before you ask to join – and please don’t join if you only aim to use it as a selling point for your art….it isn’t allowed.

Prompts for postcards will start later. In the meantime you can prepare your card according to the instructions here

Don’t fancy a postcard but would prefer an ATC? The same applies as to the Postcard Group – if you are there no need to respond – message me via the form below* if you would like to be added. Instructions will follow as a supplement to the postcard prompts. Details of size are here.

Don’t want to do either? You don’t get any free time!

Write a short poem using the following inital letters for each line:


* Please don’t panic if I take a while to respond to your postcard/atc request – I may be away from an internet signal as this prompt posts


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