Be Creative – June – Prompt 6

Remember Prompt 1? (Link in the sidebar) Time to add to your page.

Imagine some little boxes – draw a few in two sections.

Please don’t forget to consider a contribution to my JustGiving page for the Alzheimers Society if you haven’t already done so.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Prompts 1-3 seem to have dropped off the bottom. I did 2 but seem to be 1 & 3 missing

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Only the recent posts will show in this list, Sheila. This link will take you to all prompts. To find it again just click the prompt category in the sidebar.

      1. Found them thanks am slowly working through. Will take photos as and when I have a few to show. 🙂 have a good day it is beautiful and sunny here and I’m off to make an envelope journal.

      2. nuvofelt says:

        It’s gorgeous here too. Envelopes are good 🙂

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