Be Creative – March – Prompt 1

Welcome to Be Creative Now for March 2014! Let’s build on the success of the previous months and have some fun.

Last month we began by taking stock of our surroundings. Let’s do the same this time, but using the time differently. Take a coffee – tea – water – even a glass of wine if you are in a different time zone – and sit for 15 minutes in a favourite place. Switch into observational mode – if you often sit here you might sometimes ‘nod off’, that isn’t allowed today! Revel in your environment. Think about what makes it special. Think about the colours. Did you choose them? Why? Did someone else choose them? Would you change them if you could? Concentrate on colour. What is the over-riding colour within this environment? Focus on it. Make notes if you like. You will be using it soon. You may also like to make a folded notebook to use during this weekends Be Creative. Instructions for just one type were included here.


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  1. Prompt 1b) Small folded journal made, 2 minutes, to make. A page taken from my A5 sketchbook that I had chosen for this weekend. Folded into 8 equal parts, cut up the middle and across one section both right and left. I then folded the pages concertina wise leaving the last flap to fold over like a cover and voila! You’ll have to wait for photos as I am comfy and the tea is not finished yet – it was a big cup of nice peppermint and the first one today that I’ve nearly finished without having to heat it up again!

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