Down the middle


After a very exciting and exhausting creative weekend this is what you get 😉 Hope to see you all in March for another Be Creative weekend.


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  1. maureenc says:

    Your energy and planning amaze me:-) I WILL be back for the March weekend.

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Thanks, Maureen, so glad you joined us.

  2. Sheila Craig says:

    I do love your creativity Myfanwy, also your ability to pass on your techniques without compromising your students creativity. I would have loved to have had you as a tutor when I did my C&Gs

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Sheila, you wrote this ages ago and somehow I missed it. Thank you. I try to encourage as much as I can. Maybe you can manage a course down here when you are visiting your daughter – I’m hoping to arrange some later in the year.

  3. Sheila Craig says:

    WordPress is stopping me comment even though it knows I’m here

    1. nuvofelt says:

      So many comments on different posts today I think WP is worn out 😉

  4. Sheila Craig says:

    Ignore last comment, I am now remembered!

    1. nuvofelt says:

      See, it knew who you were really 😉

  5. chloecreativefollower says:

    Thank you so much Myfanwy, it was fantastic, well paced, varied and included stitching (yay!). So here’s to March! x

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