Be Creative – February – Prompt 11

Don’t ignore this if you aren’t taking part in the postcard swap – you can still join in and keep it yourself as a part of your creativity this weekend

Postcard Swap 2

Collage the blank side of your card with paper. Keep it simple – not too ornate – stage 3 involves writing. That might need considering now…….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. maureenc says:

    I knew there was a reason why I don’t like paper collage…..I don’t like sticky fingers!
    But I DO have four cards drying out now
    Maybe photos in the morning (Oz time)

    1. nuvofelt says:

      Yay! How funny, you are in front of us timewise, but from this point of view you are behind, that seems really odd. I think you will be asleep when the next prompt comes through. We must address that next time I didn’t think of it when I timed the prompts earlier this month. The group stays open, though, so there isn’t a problem.

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