Be Creative – Prompt 33

Can you believe that this is the last prompt? This weekend has flown by. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Consider what you have done.

Evaluate what you have achieved. Were you surprised that you could get so much done in such a short time?
Have you made notes? Will you use any of these prompts again? Why did you choose some prompts and not others. Was time the over-riding factor or did you intentionally ignore them? Did you move out of your comfort zone? Will you continue with anything you started?

So, here is the first part of your prompt. Follow this link to another of my blogs and try the tutorial. The link will open in another tab. Before you read it, though, please read on.

Will you come back and join us next month? I hope so.

Thank you for taking part. I’d love to have some feedback via the following contact form. Let me know if you would like to take part again and I’ll give you advance notice of the date. Don’t forget you can subscribe to the blog, via the sidebar, to glimpse how I use my creative time each day, or subscribe for more details. Today’s early morning creativity will be posted here before the end of the day.


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